Upcycled – Pallets into Bedside Tables

After searching and searching for the perfect bedside tables, I gave up and decided to make some.I don't have the 'know-how' for this so for full disclosure I roped in my other half for some (a lot of) help!The pallets I sourced for free from my work, they allow them to be taken. I then … Continue reading Upcycled – Pallets into Bedside Tables

My First Zero Waste Shop

Happy Sunday! Today, I wanted to share my experience of my first ever zero waste shop. Firstly, I'm going to retract from calling it completely zero waste because although I saved a few items from being bought in plastic wrapping, others I could not avoid and I wasn't sure of the alternative. I had to … Continue reading My First Zero Waste Shop

The Beginning

  2018 has seen a global recognition of the damage us humans are causing our planet.    It's something that I have never really thought about in great detail before. I have always been so wrapped up in the day to day, that I never saw the bigger picture. Like the millions of other people … Continue reading The Beginning