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Easy Ways to Reduce Waste Overnight

You're toying with going low waste but don't know where to start? You've watched countless YouTube videos and scrolled many an Instagram post? It can seem pretty daunting and you might feel like it's an all or nothing lifestyle. I can assure right now, it isn't! There's a well known saying that get's thrown around … Continue reading Easy Ways to Reduce Waste Overnight

In with the old…

...out with the new! It's coming up to my one year anniversary since I took a minimalist pledge and started to make changes to my shopping habits. It's not been perfect, I have absolutely slipped off the bandwagon on a couple of occasions. That's ok. It's all a learning curve and it's just about working … Continue reading In with the old…

Top 10 small swaps to help save the planet

About six months ago I decided to start making some changes to the way I think about shopping. I started to do some research and was surprised at how naive I had been to the ways my shopping habits harm the world that we live in. I've always been somewhat conscious of certain things that … Continue reading Top 10 small swaps to help save the planet