Copped Hall Estate – Epping

Copped Hall Estate in Epping features a beautifully run down mansion house and gardens. Currently in a state of repair, it's impressive history dates back to the 12th century and the house has been through some tough times! Heroically saved by a group of passionate human beings, this house and gardens will one day be … Continue reading Copped Hall Estate – Epping

App Recommendations for 2019

The internet in our hands. It's amazing isn't it? I grew up through the evolution of the smart phone. My first ever mobile phone was an Alcatel something or other. It had an interchangeable aerial that would glow when I got a phone call and I could put any facia on it that I wanted. … Continue reading App Recommendations for 2019

How I Got Through My First Year at University

Every student has their own reason for going to university. At 26, I was certainly older than the rest and at first, I really felt it. My reason for choosing to study stems from a dwindling initial career choice. I was a travel agent for 6 years and worked on and off in the industry … Continue reading How I Got Through My First Year at University