Changing My Life

Last year I decided to wind down my possessions and clense my soul a little bit. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the amount of things that I owned and the amount of time I spent on housework and chores that something needed to give. It's a journey that I'm undertaking alone, which is fine, … Continue reading Changing My Life

Sustainable Menstrual Product Review

      Ladies! Our vaginas need to go forth on a really important mission.. in search of an eco friendly period product.    "Close to 20 billion sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators are dumped into North American landfills every year."  The quote above is a few years old. However, think about that number. It's … Continue reading Sustainable Menstrual Product Review

Guest Post: Tips and Ideas for the Frugal Traveller

Barcelona Street Travelling abroad is more affordable than ever! There are more budget airlines and a wider selection of accommodation options to choose from. However, so many travellers are still falling into the trap of expensive trips, by not spending the time to shop around for cheaper alternatives. A little research could reduce total trip … Continue reading Guest Post: Tips and Ideas for the Frugal Traveller