In with the old…

...out with the new! It's coming up to my one year anniversary since I took a minimalist pledge and started to make changes to my shopping habits. It's not been perfect, I have absolutely slipped off the bandwagon on a couple of occasions. That's ok. It's all a learning curve and it's just about working … Continue reading In with the old…

3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

AD| THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS Daily stress. Anxiety. Feelings of self doubt and endless brain activity keeping you awake at night. Sound familiar? Same. Doesn't it just feel like there are some many things around us that trigger negative feelings and distraction? It's constant. Luckily, mental health and self care are at the top … Continue reading 3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

You’ve Been Greenwashed

We're all on a magical, ethical, sustainable journey together wouldn't you agree? A large population of earthlings are now becoming educated about living more sustainably. That's amazing. There's just one problem, companies are duping us with something called 'greenwashing'. Unfortunately, we've all become victim to it. "Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or … Continue reading You’ve Been Greenwashed

Our Planet and What You Can Do To Help

With climate change and the state of the eco system in decline, why is it only now that we're questioning whose responsibility it is to fix it? Find out what YOU can do to help the environment below... No doubt many of you have seen 'Our Planet' on Netflix. If you haven't, you should. It's … Continue reading Our Planet and What You Can Do To Help