3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

AD| THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS Daily stress. Anxiety. Feelings of self doubt and endless brain activity keeping you awake at night. Sound familiar? Same. Doesn't it just feel like there are some many things around us that trigger negative feelings and distraction? It's constant. Luckily, mental health and self care are at the top … Continue reading 3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

Guest Post: Tips and Ideas for the Frugal Traveller

Barcelona Street Travelling abroad is more affordable than ever! There are more budget airlines and a wider selection of accommodation options to choose from. However, so many travellers are still falling into the trap of expensive trips, by not spending the time to shop around for cheaper alternatives. A little research could reduce total trip … Continue reading Guest Post: Tips and Ideas for the Frugal Traveller

App Recommendations for 2019

The internet in our hands. It's amazing isn't it? I grew up through the evolution of the smart phone. My first ever mobile phone was an Alcatel something or other. It had an interchangeable aerial that would glow when I got a phone call and I could put any facia on it that I wanted. … Continue reading App Recommendations for 2019

The Beginning

  2018 has seen a global recognition of the damage us humans are causing our planet.    It's something that I have never really thought about in great detail before. I have always been so wrapped up in the day to day, that I never saw the bigger picture. Like the millions of other people … Continue reading The Beginning