‘Second Hand Isn’t Second Best’

Affiliate links are included in this post If you're like me, on a budget, sometimes it isn't financially viable to go out and buy something brand new. Often, if we want something it doesn't occur to us to look for it pre-owned before splashing the cash on a new one. Each year ~1.6 million tonnes … Continue reading ‘Second Hand Isn’t Second Best’

Dressed to Thrill: Thrifted

Thrifting. Charity Shopping. Second Hand. Hand-Me-Downs. Just a small selection of terms for items bought or received secondary (or tertiary..) from someone else. It's on topic right now with Oxfam's #secondhandseptember and is something that the people of the sustainable living community often get excited about.

You’ve Been Greenwashed

We're all on a magical, ethical, sustainable journey together wouldn't you agree? A large population of earthlings are now becoming educated about living more sustainably. That's amazing. There's just one problem, companies are duping us with something called 'greenwashing'. Unfortunately, we've all become victim to it. "Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or … Continue reading You’ve Been Greenwashed

Tenerife Minibreak – An Overview

Photos: Stacey BarbetWords: Stacey Barbet I recently spent 5 days in the glorious sunshine on the island of Tenerife. Located off the west coast of North Africa, the Canary Islands are a great destination for year round sunshine. When I was a child, I thought the Canary Islands were called that because they had lot … Continue reading Tenerife Minibreak – An Overview

How To Recycle Your Crisp Packets

Are you one of those people that just really loves delving into a bag a crisps? Getting your favourite flavour, devouring them in seconds. I wonder if before you read this, you realised that crisp packets can take decades to break down. And currently, they are not commonly recycled. No? Me either.