Plastic Free/Biodegradable Baby Wipes – Tried and Tested

Before our little one was born, I was doing my best to research sustainable and eco-friendly options for baby care. Originally I was looking at reusable cloths but as the bubba turned up early we didn’t have much choice but to grab a load of disposable wipes.

Each of these packs claim to be “plastic free” and/or biodegradable. We all know that green washing is a common thing when it comes to getting consumers to make ‘better’ choices, so a lot of nappies have been changed in order to bring you and honest review! Let’s have a closer look…

My Happy Planet

60 Wipes.
Made from wood pulp and dispensable cellulose plant fibres.
Made in China.
Home Compostable.

Feel – Soft, fairly thick
Smell – No smell
Usage – Nice to use on baby, although don’t be too rough! Easily breakable.
Packaging – Plastic packaging. Non-recyclable.

Home compostable! Winner of the Natural & Organic Awards in Europe 2019. Shame about the packaging and airmiles!

Skin Therapy: Baby

64 Wipes.
100% viscose.
Produced in Turkey.
Dispose with household waste.

Feel – Ok. a tiny bit rough.
Smell – Quite a strong fragrance in my opinion. They contain aloe vera and chamomile. The smell is nice but for me, overpowering and maybe unnecessary.
Usage – Fine to use, except getting them out of the packaging each time was frustrating. Often it took a few goes or two hands!
Packaging – Non recyclable plastic.

The wipes themselves are 100% plastic free. The packaging is not. Both items need to be disposed of with household waste and will not biodegrade.

Fred & Flo (Tesco)

60 wipes.
100% plant based fibres.
Produced in UK.
Dispose of with household waste.

Feel – Pretty nice, fairly soft.
Smell – No smell.
Usage – Nice to use, soft on baby.
Packaging – Non recyclable plastic. Found the opening quite frustrating, was difficult to remove wipes one handed.

Great start, they’re made in the UK and made from renewable and sustainable sources. They are PEFC certified which is reassuring.
I enquired with Tesco about the claim of their biodegradable nature as the packaging was unclear. Tesco responded, saying ” These wipes should be disposed of with normal household waste and should not be flushed or composted”. Basically, the wipes do biodegrade but not with your own compost. They claim that degradation takes places over 6 months and should be degraded within that time when sent to landfill (in tested conditions).


60 wipes.
100% plant based fibres.
Produced in UK.
Dispose of with household waste.

Feel – Super soft.
Smell – No smell.
Usage – Really nice to use, great on baby’s skin. Durable.
Packaging – Recycle with bags at larger stores.

Finally! An option to recycle packaging. These wipes were great. Not only were they easy to use and durable, they tick so many boxes. Their carbon footprint is low, they are made from renewable and sustainable sources and cruelty free. The wipes state biodegradable, but dispose of with household waste. I expect they use the same principle as Tesco.

Baby Dove

75 Wipes.
100% naturally derived fibres.
Made in UK.
Dispose of with household waste.

Feel – Soft, slightly dimpled.
Smell – No smell.
Usage – Nice to use, pretty strong.
Packaging – Non-recyclable.

Pretty nice to use these ones, they were easy to remove from packaging and very strong! Again, state biodegradable but dispose of with household waste.

The verdict…

These wipes are all available in supermarkets or on the high street. In my opinion, the best wipes we tried were the Mamia ones. They tick so many boxes and not only really soft, the packaging is recyclable. Despite not being able to home compost, i think they win! They were also the best value out of all of the wipes at just £0.65p per pack (*correct as of 08/09/2020 from Aldi). The worst wipes by far were the Skin Therapy ones. They felt rough, they only claim to be plastic free, no mention of using sustainable or renewable sources and not biodegradable in any way.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you have tried any others, please let me know in the comments!

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