Natural, Organic and Environmentally Friendly Dental Care with Organii

*This post contains items that were gifted by Organii for review.

Organic products are slowly starting to become the norm in cosmetics and skincare, so why not dental too? We already know that by choosing something organic we are helping the environment and choosing the more sustainable option.

I’m no dental expert, far from it, but I do like to look after my teeth and oral care. When I saw that there was a new product on the market that would benefit my oral health and the environment, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it out.

Organii is a brand that strives to offer organic products at affordable prices. Their current range includes bathroom essentials for adults and children, including shower gels, soaps, shampoos and now mouthwashes!

Organic mouthwash was never a product that would have previously crossed my mind. I’ve been using the market leading drugstore mouthwashes for as long as I can remember. There’s never really been much of a thought as to what is in them. Not only are they FULL of chemicals, quite often they are not very good for the environment, often produced by unethical, unenvironmentally friendly parent companies.

I was kindly sent the two flavours that Organii have recently released. I used each one for 7 days to get a good feel for them…

Here’s what I thought:

Packaging: The packaging is eyecatching. It’s simple but effective and I think it looks prettier in my bathroom than the ‘standard’ mouthwash bottle. It’s also recyclable!

Taste: Ok. I recieved the Citrus flavour and the Eucalyptus flavour.
Citrus – Smells great, I struggled a little with the taste at first. It’s not immediately a flavour you would associate with mouthwash. There are strong orange and lemon undertones to this flavour and, in my opinion, tasted a little like concentrated squash.
Eucalyptus – More of a traditional mouthwash taste. Has a minty freshness to it. I found this one to be less harsh.

Effectiveness: Both mouthwashes were superb when it comes down to leaving the mouth feeling refreshed. I used them exactly like I would have used a standard mouthwash. My mouth was left feeling clean, which is the desired effect, but more importantly for me, I was not left feeling like I’d swalled a ball of sand.
Citrus – this mouthwash is enhanced with grapefruit oil, known for it’s antimicrobial effects it can helpto reduce and even eliminate harmful strains of bacteria. Also laced with orange oil and lemon oil, this mouthwash can work as a natural remedy for a host of oral conditions which could include oral thrush, bad breath and tooth decay. It may also naturally whiten the teeth!
Eucalyptus – the eucalyptus oil contain germicidal propeties which means it can work effectively against cavaties, dental plaque and gingivitis. It will also assist with bad breath.

Value for money: £5.95 for 500ml bottle. I’d say that actually, they are pretty good value for money. Leading brands in UK drugstores vary from £1.50 – £23.00 per bottle with an average cost of around £4.50 a bottle. For the sake of less than £2.00 more, you’re getting a much more environmentally friendly product, made from 100% natural ingredients. It’s a winner in my eyes!

For more information about these products please visit Organii

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