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Easy Ways to Reduce Waste Overnight

You’re toying with going low waste but don’t know where to start? You’ve watched countless YouTube videos and scrolled many an Instagram post?

It can seem pretty daunting and you might feel like it’s an all or nothing lifestyle. I can assure right now, it isn’t! There’s a well known saying that get’s thrown around the world of eco-friendly humans that goes like this:

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly,
We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”

The World.

I wanted to introduce some small things that you can literally do overnight. These things aren’t going to cost much, if anything and can help steer you in the right direction should you want to delve deeper into the low waste lifestyle.

Lets get stuck in!

Home Sense…

There are a LOT of things that you can change around the home to become more eco-friendly overnight…

  • Electric Feels:
    You can save the pennies by just turning the damn light off! Or any switch for that matter. If you’re going out for the day what good is it leaving your phone charger switched on? You’re not using it but it IS using up energy. Fill the kettle to what you need, that way you’re not wasting additional time and energy boiling water that will go cold.
    It might not save you hundreds but it will certainly save something.
  • Tapping Out:
    Something that was drummed into me as a child! Don’t waste water! We are so fortune to have access to clean running water, we really shouldn’t take it for granted. Little things like turning the tap off, taking a shorter shower or filling the bath up less can really make a difference.
  • Recycle!
    Please. It helps. There are so many website that you can visit to help with this. If you’re really unsure about what can be recycled, it just takes a few minutes to check with your local council online.
    Recycling should be rinsed of food and debris before being put into the bin. This lessens contamination and deters it from being redirected to landfill! You wouldn’t want those good intentions to go to waste now would you…?
  • Organised Foodie:
    Admittedly this can take a while to get used to, however it will help in the long run. Plan your weekly meals and make sure your cupboard has any staples such as rice, pasta and flour etc. It’s great seeing the contents deplete over the week and it saves time, reduces food waste and will most likely save you money too.
    You can also reduce plastic waste by making your own snacks such as cereal bars and crisps!
  • Ice Ice Baby:
    Put a jumper on, pull those socks up , turn that heating down! Just by one degree…you’ll thank yourself when the bills come in. Also, check your energy provider is giving you the best deal. There are some great providers available who can save you some pennies and contribute to the environment by using renewable sources.
  • Soil Yourself:
    I’m talking compost. Homemade and free! Save your uncooked veg, fruit and other bits from the kitchen, newpaper, lolly sticks, hair…a lot! Dump in in your compost bin (advise can be found somewhere on the internet or various gardening books) and wait…

Off to Work…

  • Not On Your Knife Mate:
    It’s time to stop those whimsical trips to Maccy’s on your lunch break. Save your waistline and your pocket money. Prepare your own lunch, bring your own tools! Cutlery wraps, beeswax wraps, reusable cups, lunchboxes, cloth napkins. All great ways to reduce your wastage! Even if you do end up at the cheeky Friday food van…no forking plastic required!
  • On Yer Bike:
    Ok, maybe? If it’s feasible? If not, can you get public transport to work? Just once a week, instead of driving. Maybe you’ll get a chance to read a book, check your emails get some fresh air.
  • Dress to De-Stress:
    Instead of waking up each morning, getting stressed about what to wear, why not design your own uniform? A set group of clothes to mix and match that you can wear week in, week out, stress free. Give up office fashion, does anyone really care? If you really could do with some new clobber, pop down to your local charity shop. You might be surprised!

So there you have it. Small, simple changes that require little effort and make maximum impact. I hope you found some, or all of them helpful! I’m certainly not the creator..just the parrot! All jokes aside, it would be amazing if each person just chose to take on ONE of these tips.

Let me know what you think…




3 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Reduce Waste Overnight

  1. The Newbury Girl says:

    I love all the ideas that you listed here – it didn’t really hit me until last year that my electricity usage was creating waste, so now I’m trying to work on this more actively. My dream is to compost but right now my living situation doesn’t permit it… hopefully when I’m on my own one day I’ll be able to do this!

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