Hacks – Buying Second Hand Clothing on eBay

eBay has got to be the world’s most OG secondhand auction sites out there, so many others have popped up over the years but it’s still a firm favourite for most people. Buying on this platform can be a great way of grabbing yourself a bargain but it can also leave you frustrated and sometimes out of pocket.

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Here is my own little guide to buying your second hand goodies on eBay.

Know What You Want

It’s important to know what it is that you’re looking for. Do a little research prior to searching eBay. If you know the exact name of something, think of some other key words that might be associated with that item.
e.g. Nike Airforce 1 Low Trainers in a size 9

Key Words: Nike, Airforce, one, sneakers, trainers, nine

These trainers retail around £80.00 new*, I managed to find an almost brand new pair on eBay for £55 – by using just ‘airforce one 9’ as my key search words.

Put A Filter On It

Sometimes with eBay, it’s all about the timing. When searching, you could end up with hundred or even thousands of search results. They might not necessarily be what you’re looking for and it’s a waste of time scrolling through it all.
This is where the filters come in handy.

For example. I’m looking for a red dress for an event. I know what size I want, I know the colour and I know roughly what style suits me. So I type in: ‘Red party dress size 12’ – eBay automatically picks up that it’s a dress, so filters it for me, but that still gives me over 10 thousand results!

Filters that work for me:
Sort By – I always sort by ‘Ending soonest’. You never know what might be available with seconds to spare!

Category – Always make sure that the category is best suited to your item.

Colour – If you have specifics, that’s great! It’ll really help narrow down. If you’re less fussy, then leave your options open.

Item Condition – I always chose ‘used’ unless I really need something new.

Item location – I usually chose UK because of shipping costs and shipping time.

And bravo! My 10k results have been whittled down to 174. By having them as ending soonest, you’re unlikely to miss a bargain too!

Just last week, I picked up a gorgeous Oliver Bonas cardigan, practically brand new in amazing condition for under a tenner. There were no other bids…and I nabbed it with 2 minutes remaining.

Spelling It Write

Couldn’t resist. Spelling mistakes used to be a HUGE eBay game changer because if you searched with a spelling mistake, and got results spelled the same, the chances are you were on to a bargain because back then, mistakes weren’t picked up! Now, it’s a bit different, still worth a try though! Common spelling errors in brand names or style descriptions could still come up with lots of results, it’s just now, eBay ask if it’s actually the correct name you’re looking for.

eBay – Search results with spelling error

Read The Description

Nothing witty here. This is probably the most important advice. Before you click to bid…please read the description! It’s so important. You might think you’re buying a gorgeous new pair of Levi’s for a bargain few quid, the photo looks pretty good but the lighting might be a bit off…or it could be a bit blurry, or it’s a stock photo (ergh they’re the worst).
However, your bargain jeans have a gigantic hole in the crotch that needs repairing, and wouldn’t know that unless you read the description!
Trust me. I’ve been using eBay for 15 years, I’ve experienced these things first hand. Sometimes sellers are not very forthcoming in their descriptions, so look at the photo’s carefully before bidding. Or, if there’s plenty of time left, you can always send them a message for clarification.
It’s best to have lost out than loved on these occasions!

These are pretty straightforward tips, hopefully you’ll be on your way to finding some amazing deals!

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