Eco-friendly Christmas Wrapping Ideas

It’s coming!

I love Christmas. It’s such a cheerful time of year. There’s nothing better than sipping on a glass of mulled wine with a mince pie, listening to the old Christmas songs.

This is historically my Christmas wrapping routine.

In previous years, I hadn’t really given much thought to the amount of waste generated by this holiday. Many types of wrapping paper, despite how adorable they may be, are not recyclable (I’m looking at you, shiny glitter paper!).

Having scoured the internet, I’ve put together a little list of excellent wrapping ideas, as to save on waste this year!

1. Recyclable Paper & String

Image Credit: (1)

Brown paper sounds boring but if you’re good at wrapping you can make something look pretty awesome with a few added touches…I think these look awesome with the leaves and string.

2. Fabric Wrapping

Image Credit (2) – How to make your own reusable bags

I’ve seen some really awesome wrapped gifts using fabrics. Especially if the fabric is part of the gift! For example a nice scarf. Alternatively, ask the recipient to hold on to it and pass it along next year, or to return it to you for future use. There’s a japanese cloth wrapping technique also, called Furoshiki and it looks so cool! I found a short video here..

3. Boxes and Tubes

Image Credit (3)

Pretty boxes can be hard to come by and often can be expensive! Cardboard ones can be crafted into beautiful gift boxes with a little wrapping paper and some creativity.

Places like TK Maxx sell really lovely gift boxes that can be reused or kept as pretty storage.

I’ve also seen Pringles tubes wrapped and decorated with homemade cookies inside!

4. Naked Gifts

Image credit (4)

Bare with me on this! But, hampers have been given at Christmas for years and years, why not take away the unnesscary packaging and present your friends and family with something made by you in a nice crate or gift box. Each individual items doesn’t need to be wrapped! And there are so many great presentation ideas available online.

5. Jars & Tins

Clean jars and tins can be a great way to present your gifts! I love the idea of having a cookie mix or hot chocolate in a jar. Maybe you have something crafted that would look good in there too.

Image credit (5)

6. Tags

Image credit (5)

Since I was little, my mum had always saved old Christmas cards and we’d sit together and get the crinkle scissors the following year and cut out the card images to make tags. I love doing it, some of them are so cute, it seems such a waste to just put them in the recycling!

I hope these ideas have you inspired somewhat!


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