Decluttering: Achieving an Eco Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the easiest place to become eco friendly within your home. It’s a room that, when you take a step back, is FULL of unnecessary crap. Let’s be honest.

To gauge the excess of your clutter, I found it easier to take it all out. Kon Marie style. In a box, into another room and lay it all on a surface for your eyes to see. That way, you can pick each item up, assess how useful it is (i.e is it a bubble bath that was given to you for Christmas five years ago, are you ever going to use it?) And sort it into some appropriate piles.

Next step, decide what you think you might want to switch to going forward. It’s no good throwing everything out and replacing it with eco friendly stuff because that’s just plain stupid (and not to mention, incredibly wasteful).

Do you want to try shampoo and conditioner bars? Or maybe you want to start using bamboo toothbrushes or soaps instead of bottled gels. That’s great! This is where you can ask around, read some blogs, watch some YouTubers and ask friends using those things for tips and recommendations.

The beauty of going eco friendly in your bathroom is that you will simply come to learn that less really is more and you end up using what you have. I’ve found my journey so enlightening, I’ve become so much more mindful about buying new things and consciously don’t go into the drug store unless I know 100% there is something that I don’t already have at home.

It’s also done great for my purse! Since switching to eco friendly, I’m more concerned about what goes into and on to my body. I check ingredients and check whether the brand is cruelty free. So many times, if I see an advertisement, I tend to ignore it before doing my research.

Sustainable swaps:

  • Dental: Toothpaste, toothbrush and floss
  • Bathing: Soap bars, bath bombs and bath salts
  • Hair Care: Solid shampoo and conditioner bars, natural henna dye
  • Lady Times: Eco friendly menstrual products
  • Natural deodorants
  • Plastic free toilet papers
  • Hand soap bars or refillable pumps

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