‘Second Hand Isn’t Second Best’

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If you’re like me, on a budget, sometimes it isn’t financially viable to go out and buy something brand new. Often, if we want something it doesn’t occur to us to look for it pre-owned before splashing the cash on a new one.

Each year ~1.6 million tonnes of waste sent to UK landfills is what the government classes as ‘bulky’. These items could be classed as items such as furniture or large electrical items. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with them.

That’s pretty sad right? The people that throw these items out, may not even consider they could be used by someone else. Sometimes, we might deem something ‘useless’ in our homes that could be the centre piece of another.

That’s why I love the internet. Websites such as *Preloved provide a platform for users to buy, sell and even receive items for free. It’s a great way of offering your unwanted items to others and saving them from landfill.


I love thrifting stuff, it’s always fun going out to a bootsale or charity shop and seeing what treasures are hanging aroung. Lately, I’ve discovered other ways of thrifting too.

I’ve had some great finds over the years! Most recently, I picked up two compost bins (above) for free from someone close to my house.
The desk was saved from a guy at the local recycling centre. He was about to throw it into the skip. It appears to be an upcycle project that went a little wrong but it can be fixed. I can fix it, and I can use it. (More to come on this project). The best part was, it was free.
And the poster was picked up at a local bootsale, just before the lady was going to dump it.

*Preloved is a website with a mobile app platform that makes it easy to access items on offer across the country, with the ability to narrow to your area. They even have categories for pets! Bunny anyone?
You can search by item name or local area.

Selling is just as simple, it can all be done on the app in around a minute. Posting items for sale is super easy, with twelve categories and lots of sub-categories to help with the sale. Communication is made via the app, so no need to hand out personal details and you can give your unwanted household items brand new homes!

Have you bought or sold using this platform? What amazing things have you picked up?

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