But, you don’t look sick.

Who’s guilty of saying or thinking the ‘you don’t look sick’ phrase?

I’ll hold my hands up, I’m 100% guilty.

Having a diagnosed chronic illness must be tough on anyone, regardless of what it is. Having an undiagnosed potentially just as chronic illness, is also hard.

I’m not going to to go into all of my symptoms etc. they’re irrelevant to this post. I just want to say, I’m unwell. I’ve been feeling unwell for months now and I’m just on my journey to getting a diagnosis. This means that whilst I’m waiting for this diagnosis, I have no treatment plan, no support.

Some days when I’m having a particularly tough time, I almost feel guilty or fraudulent for leaving work early or taking a day off. I beat myself up about it a lot because I tell myself ‘you don’t look sick’. In my head, because I look ok on the outside, pretty average, I think that’s probably what other people think too.

With the current state of the NHS and the reluctant nature of my GP to even investigate, this could take months or even years to diagnose. What do people like me do in the mean time? When life day-to-day becomes a physical and mental struggle?

I would love to know your stories and how you coped/cope if you’re in the same situation as me. Leave me a comment below 🙂

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