Tenerife Minibreak – An Overview

Photos: Stacey Barbet
Words: Stacey Barbet

I recently spent 5 days in the glorious sunshine on the island of Tenerife.

Located off the west coast of North Africa, the Canary Islands are a great destination for year round sunshine. When I was a child, I thought the Canary Islands were called that because they had lot of canaries. FYI, they don’t.

After our snowboarding holiday earlier this year, I wanted something sunny and chill to look forward to. As we’re doing our best to save money it had to be cheap. Tenerife came up in my searches time and time again and if I’m honest, I really wasn’t fussed. However after much searching, there really wasn’t much else that gave us so much for the price we were paying.

We booked 5 nights, b&b with flights and transfers to the resort of Costa Adeje for under £250pp. Bargain.

Naturally, we choose very early and very late flights to make the most of our time. And that we did! As usual, I put on my tour guide uniform and got my clipboard out (metaphorically). I’d planned our week for the ultimate organised fun holiday. 


We’re not really ‘beach people’, but it was great to walk down and check the beaches out. They seemed pretty good! I don’t know what parameters people compare beaches with but if I said soft, hot sand..I’m guessing you’d be cool with that. If you are a ‘beach person’, maybe get down there early if you want to hire lounges and parasols, it looked like the beaches fill up with other like-minded beach people to nab the best spots before applying their baking oil and meticulously turning every hour hour.

We did spot an inflatable water park in Adeje that looked like fun, unfortunately I hadn’t been able to fit this in but great idea for another time. Also plenty of excursion reps selling jet ski adventures, boat trips and the like. If you like your personal space, I’d highly recommend avoiding these people. They like to touch.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to endure the space invading salespeople for long, we had pre booked a boat trip before we got there! (Smart) I really wanted to see whales and dolphins and there were plenty of options to choose from, all off the coast of South Tenerife.

It was a really great morning and we were lucky to see both!

We made sure we had booked with a recommended hire, as they were animal friendly. Links at bottom to suppliers.

We knew that Mount Teide was a national park and had planned to visit prior to arrival, however as we weren’t sure about getting around, nothing was pre-booked. There are lots of day-trip options available with different suppliers and I think it’s important to know what you want to see before you book! It’s a huge area to cover. We chose to go for a full day coach trip up the mountain, stopping by small villages and viewing the craters of the volcano. It was an awesome day, I would highy recommend doing it. The tour guide provided us with so much of their knowledge and we felt like we got great value for money.

Half day trips were also available with an opportunity to take the cable car to the top.

Mount Teide - Tenerife, Canary Islands

Everyone I know that has been to Tenerife has been to Siam Park. It came as a genuine recommendation from friends and family alike. We both love water parks and theme parks so naturally it was a no brainer and we had to go. And..it was so much fun! Genuine happiness. Loved it there. Such a great place for literally all people (maybe not so much if you hate water, then definately do not go there).

We got to the park at opening and luckily it was a tiny bit overcast meaning that it wasn’t too busy. We pretty much got on every attraction by lunch time! The food was reasonable and if you pre-book online with some suppliers you recieve park credit on arrival to use against food/drinks.

For a short break, we got a lot done. I really enjoyed our time in Tenerife and one day look forward to visiting some other Canary Islands.

Have you been? Where else would you recommend?

Links to Suppliers

One thought on “Tenerife Minibreak – An Overview

  1. 🎃 Spooky Sarah 👻 (@Raiin_Monkey) says:

    Lovely post 🙂 Wow, what a great deal! I’ve always wanted to visit Tenerife, even though I’m not a ‘beach person’ myself, it just looks stunning! How lucky that you got to see both whales & dolphins!! Mount Teide is beautiful! It seems like you had such a wonderful time 🙂

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


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