Our Planet and What You Can Do To Help

With climate change and the state of the eco system in decline, why is it only now that we’re questioning whose responsibility it is to fix it? Find out what YOU can do to help the environment below…

No doubt many of you have seen ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix. If you haven’t, you should. It’s heartbreaking. But how many people will watch that show and actually do something? Normal people like you and I do have a small power in this movement. There are so many habits to be changed, but we’re not doing them. How mad is that?

These images show the changes I have made. I started amending my habits in June 2018 (left) and the image on the right is my carbon footprint percentage in April 2019. There is still a way to go, granted. The results above are certainly something to be proud of and going in the right direction. Check your carbon footprint here!

The corporate giants must start taking note and actively play a part. According to Greenpeace there are 10 contributing brands that must be held accountable for a large portion of waste entering our oceans. But don’t forget, we are buying those brands. We are also responsible for what happens to that item when it’s expended. So we in turn are responsible too. However, there are some steps that we can take…

1. Utilise your local recycling scheme. I bet that more plastic than you think can be recycled. You simply just need to make yourself aware. Local councils should have pages dedicated to local recycling and what can and cannot be recycled. Take a few moments to familiarise yourself with this.

2. Teach your children about the impact and importance of using less plastic and appreciating what they own. It is well-known that children follow example and as a parent/carer/friend/teacher of that child it is your responsibility to make them aware. After all, it’ll be their planet one day.

3. Be conscious when shopping. Choose items that are not wrapped in plastic. Maybe switch to the local greengrocer or visit the market for your fruit and veg. Sometimes it works out cheaper. If you have the opportunity, try a zero waste shop. Maybe opt for items that only use recyclable plastic.

4. Make simple switches to everyday items. I have a list here.

5. Eat less meat. I’m not shoving veganism at you. I’m not vegan myself. I do eat meat. I have however, cut my meat intake in half. Even by cutting out one day, it can make a difference.

6. Support local, handmade and second-hand shops. Buying second hand used to have a stigma. Now, it’s the norm. By buying a good quality second hand original as opposed to a poor quality copy. I like to use Etsy and second apps such as eBay and Depop. Alternatively, buy something of great quality. It might be worth paying a little extra for that item to last longer. Fashion is fast these days and items are not made to last.

7. Use the Internet for hints and tips! There are so many videos and blog posts out there about how to up cycle or reuse items. You can often find that certain items maybe be able to be used by someone else or by a charity. Pintrest is great for ideas too.

8. Switch your energy provider! There are green tariffs available in the UK, unless they’re going to put your price up considerably..there’s no excuse! And make sure you turn off appliances at the switch. I saved over £100 last year by switching off my TV, and all appliances whilst I was out during the day and overnight when I didn’t them. Not only did that save us money, it helps reduce energy waste.

9. Travel smarter. Where possible, travel using public transport.

10. Grow your own. Did you realise that you can regrow certain foods from scraps? It’s actually pretty easy and could save you some pennies too! I like the infographics here.

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