Upcycled – Pallets into Bedside Tables

After searching and searching for the perfect bedside tables, I gave up and decided to make some.

I don’t have the ‘know-how’ for this so for full disclosure I roped in my other half for some (a lot of) help!

The pallets I sourced for free from my work, they allow them to be taken. I then purchased some sanding materials, screws and additional wood batons from a local builders merchant.

The pallets were broken down as carefully as possible to maximise the amount of wood we could use. I purposely chose two different tones, with a vision in mind!

Taking the old nails from the pallets
Sanding the wood

The pallets were assembled into tables and sanded down before being varnished.

I love how the pallet wood looks weathered and rustic. It was just what I wanted. When the varnish was on, they looked great. The beauty of them was the cost for sure, not to mention that they were a perfect in our teeny tiny flat! Not so much a problem now we have a bit more space, but I wouldn’t get rid of them.

No more balancing tea cups on stacks of books.


They came out better than we could have imagine. Lots of hard work feels like such a great achievement when a project is finally finished.

All in all, I guess we spent less than £30 in materials and maybe 2-3 weekends on them.

Post -Varnish Finished Product

What do you think?

*If you’re interested in making furniture from pallets, please source your pallets legally! Make sure you ask permission if you are taking them from a service yard, or collect them from websites such as Freegle and Freecycle. Other places that you can often find cheap or free pallets are Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Preloved.

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