Makeup Hoarder to Minimalist

As I have entered my second quarter of 2019, I am celebrating NOT buying myself unneccessary makeup for the past 90 days. Woohoo go me!

This was a decision that I made after I started my clear out, ready to take on a new minimalist lifestyle. Not because I don’t love makeup, I really do, but because I realised just how much I had and how much what I did have..didn’t fufil me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I used it all, but I didn’t/don’t. I was holding onto lipsticks that I’d had for YEARS..solely because it felt like a waste throwing them away. I’d somehow managed to emotionally tie myself to those items I knew I wouldn’t wear again. Mostly because the colours didn’t suit me, or the trend had died out.

During my clear out, I worked out that I had enough mascara to last me probably three years. Some still wrapped up from the day I bought it. That’s great for me now, but three months ago…there would be no stopping me buying more mascara. Especially if it was on offer, a sucker for a ‘bargain’.

My decision to cut down and reorganize was for a couple of reasons.

1) Financially, I was wasting my money on big brands. Spending obscene amounts of cash or credit on high-end beauty that, let’s be honest, I sometimes had no idea how to even use. But everyone was buying them so I felt like I needed it. Or I would buy it because it was on offer and I might use it one day. There wasn’t a single month that went by in 2018 that I didn’t buy an item of makeup. Yikes!

2) I realized that a LOT of makeup isn’t ethical or cruelty free. Buying from brands that support unethical behaviour doesn’t fit in with my values and I was being selfish by not doing some research first!

3) Most of it was out of date! Everyone has out of date makeup..right?! I mean who even spends £40 on an eyeshadow palette to throw it away 12 months later. I’d like to meet the people who actually manage to use up the palette within the 12 months! Heroes.
But..I had some unforgivably out of date items that I had to let go. For the sake of my skin.

After my clear out, I put myself on a ban. How long can I go without buying makeup that I don’t need? I already have several eyeshadow palettes, plenty of mascara, highlights, ect. The idea, for me, is to actually use what I have. That way, I use things up and if I liked them, I can replace them. Eventually, my collection will be smaller, taking up less space in my home and removing what sometimes feel like impossible decisions..

How do you put a serial makeup hoarder on a ban? I hear you ask..

Well, with great difficulty! So my first step was to UNFOLLOW all makeup brands on Instagram. I’m always on that bloody app and the last thing I need in my time of cleansing is to see their jazzy ads for new lines! I also did the same on my Facebook account and went that little step further and unsubscribed from all of the emails.

I then organised my top drawer into ‘day to day’ makeup and started to take note of what I had any how much of the same thing i.e foundation. And now it’s April. I haven’t bought a thing. I’ve used up three open bottles of foundation, a mascara and some setting powder. All good. There’s still more to go but hopefully I’ll be able to update in another three months with more good news!

Do you have any tips? Or know of any ethical/cruelty free brands? Tag them or link below!

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