Copped Hall Estate – Epping

Copped Hall Estate in Epping features a beautifully run down mansion house and gardens. Currently in a state of repair, it’s impressive history dates back to the 12th century and the house has been through some tough times! Heroically saved by a group of passionate human beings, this house and gardens will one day be magnificent again.

I visited this enormous estate over Mother’s Day weekend for a spot of afternoon tea. Visiting with my mum, aunt and grandparents, we enjoyed a glass of prosecco on arrival, a ginormous pot of English breakfast tea and three towering stacks of treats – all homemade by the lovely volunteers.

The estate trust was founded in 90s and the group have been labouring hard over the past 20 odd years to renovate the house to its former glory. They rely on volunteers and donations to keep the place going, opening up to ticketed tour groups, activities and events helping to raise some funds.

On my visit, I was unable to view the whole house, however we had a look around the grounds and the lower floor of rooms that were ‘in progress’. I had a little nosey at some photo albums laid out, historically capturing the renovations and progress made. The whole estate is impressive, and I look forward to a day I can visit when it’s finished. Although I hope it doesn’t get too finished, the rustic stonework with time related damage is a characteristic that often comes with these properies and makes them that little bit more special. The gardens are beautiful, all kinds of flowers and trees can be seen, lovingly landscaped by volunteer gardeners and enthusiasts. They looked pretty with the early spring sun and the bright flowers.

There is a small tea room and shop for visitors, located next to the house ready for weary explorers to fill their boots after a long walk through the grounds. They also have second hand books in abundance, all for a small contribution.

If you’re stuck for something to do in Essex, I would highly recommend visiting this property! It’s a great location and would be a perfect place for location shooting or those who enjoy photography.

Check the website out for more information on the restoration/archeology, events and history of Copped Hall.

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