Changing My Life

Last year I decided to wind down my possessions and clense my soul a little bit. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the amount of things that I owned and the amount of time I spent on housework and chores that something needed to give. It’s a journey that I’m undertaking alone, which is fine, my boyfriend isn’t really into it and that’s cool.

So I started sorting my possessions, before the Kondo phenomanon by the way, starting with my clothing. My first attempt was admirable, I managed to get rid of a lot of clothes that didn’t fit or were old and ragged. Those items that I knew were really gross but I just couldn’t part with. After that, I sorted out a couple of kitchen drawers and my drawers holding items under my record player. The shit slingers. That’s what they are essentially. Any old rubbish that doesn’t have a designated home, get slung into one of those three drawers.

Simple display of minimalist homewareAt first, I felt like I was spending all of my weekends sorting. I really didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere and that I was causing myself more stress. Then I discovered Marie Kondo and did a little happy dance in my head. It’s not going going to happen overnight. I now accept that. I’m taking my time.

A couple of weekends ago, I revisited my clothing. I used the Konmari method and ended up donating soooo much stuff. I was tough on myself, but not going too over-the-top drill sergeant. The items that were still in my drawers from the last clense, I hadn’t worn or even thought about wearing, were just there because they were a gift or I spent a lot on them etc etc. These items were things that I did not love anymore, or maybe didn’t love so much in the first place. I’m one for wanting to be grateful, I appreciate things that I’ve been gifted. Whether it be birthday or Christmas presents, I feel BAD about giving away stuff that was purchased for me. However, I also came to a realisation that if I was not going to wear it again, why am I holding on to it? So, I was a big girl, and deep cleansed my wardbrobe.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.
– Marie Kondo

Has it made a difference? Erm, in a word…yes. I have much less laundry. So, less to iron (if I can even be bothered to do that), less to put away, easier to find what I want. It’s made a big difference already. I genuinely feel a stress reduction. My drawers are super tidy and I just don’t think theres any going back. I cannot wait to get through the rest of my flat!

As a result of my cleanse..I will soon have a depop full of nice things! You can follow me here if you want to keep an eye on it…Shop Depop

Have you embraced a minimalist lifesyle? Do you have any tips for me? Or are you thinking about taking yourself down the minimalist ally?

One thought on “Changing My Life

  1. Simply Stacey says:

    Omg must be a Stacey thing, I have been trying to embrace minimalism (as much as you can with 2 children). I found out about this last year and have loved researching . The book by Marie Kondo was fantastic, by page 16 I was testing sparks of joy with the amwardrobe contents lol xx

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