App Recommendations for 2019

The internet in our hands. It’s amazing isn’t it? I grew up through the evolution of the smart phone. My first ever mobile phone was an Alcatel something or other. It had an interchangeable aerial that would glow when I got a phone call and I could put any facia on it that I wanted. Cool huh?
That was back in 1999. Twenty years ago.

Smartphone technology has evolved so much. We have everything at our fingertips, anytime, anywhere. For most, this is their entire existence. There are certainly good and bad points to having this world in our palms.

Personally, I can mostly take it or leave it. I enjoy having the internet, to search for recipes or to solve arguments in seconds. I also really love apps, I think they’re a great way of getting people together and bringing positive to the cyber world. However, we can find ourselves procrastinating too much over the screens in our hands. We don’t always appreciate the world around us and we don’t look up!

I had an app surge recently. I got rid of the clutter that I downloaded because I thought it would enhance my life in some way. It didn’t, they’re gone. I downloaded some cool new options that I am totally obsessed with. I’m going to share them with you below…

Libby: The Library App

I saw this advertised by a YouTuber a while back (sorry I don’t know who). I really got back into reading last year and thought that I would give it a go. At first, I though it was a bit of hassle. Mainly because i hadn’t signed up to my local library. So I got that done. But after that, perfect! I got my library card in the post pretty quickly, I signed up on the app and ‘borrowed’ my first books.
Actually really impressed with the selection available and the ease of use. I use it on my phone so I can read on my lunch break without having hefty books taking up space in my handbag.

Off the Grid
Life saver. I hold my hands up to being that person that spends way too much time on their phone. No matter what I do, I’ll always find an excuse to pick it up and have a little browse on Insta or Twitter or read emails. Anything to get away from actually doing the task in hand. I tried a few versions of ‘taking time out’ but this one is by far the best. It has a nice clean aesthetic and is super easy to use. You are in control of how long you set it for and you can schedule time away from your phone. Also, it costs you money to unlock. Actual real money.
No hun, I’ll just wait until I can get in for free!
I started using Headspace early in 2018. I get anxious and find it hard to focus. Especially on taking time out. I felt guilty for taking ‘me-time’. I was recommend this app, and I downloaded the free version. I completed the basics packaged over 10 days and immediately felt relief. Just taking a few moments each day to refocus and collect thought made such a difference. I use it all of the time now, for different situations or just for a short five minute break. I mostly use it to help me sleep. Great concept, clean and clear design. Can work out a little expensive!
Right now you can get up to 40% off of the annual subscription.
Have you used any of these apps? What do you think? What are your recommendations for 2019?
Let me know in the comments!
Peace & Love
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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