Top 10 small swaps to help save the planet

About six months ago I decided to start making some changes to the way I think about shopping. I started to do some research and was surprised at how naive I had been to the ways my shopping habits harm the world that we live in.

I’ve always been somewhat conscious of certain things that are bad for the planet, with the likes of straws and other plastic disposables being called out I decided to look at other things I used that could be swapped or cut altogether.

I have made a list of 10 simple swaps below. All tried and tested and I’m 100% behind them.

1.  Cotton pads/balls  →→→ Handmade reusable make up pads
I’ve been using these for months now and alongside a microfibre facecloth, they work perfectly. I stopped using cotton makeup pads altogether.

2.  Plastic water bottles →→→ Glass water bottle
I chose glass because it seems to keep my water cooler. There are so many options available.

3.  Cling film →→→ Beeswax reusable covers or Reusable Storage Jars/Tubs
You can buy these ready made or as a DIY kit, I’ve only recently bought these but they’ve worked amazingly so far!

4.  Kitchen/Bathroom Wipes →→→ Washable microfibre cloths
I used to go through packs and packs of disposable wipes. I’m a germaphobe and thought that I would be just wiping germs all over the place with a cloth, but I’ve learned that is not the case and now I feel silly.

5. Plastic shopping bags →→→ Hessian / Strong long life bags
No brainer!

6. Paper reminders on fridge →→→ Dry wipe board on fridge or calender reminders on your phone..
I used to have a disposable weekly planner on my fridge, now I have a laminated dry wipe version.

7. Plastic wrapped veg from supermarket→→→ Local veg stall (ask for no plastic bag!)

8. Plastic toothbrush →→→ Bamboo 100% recyclable toothbrush
These genuinely feel quite nice to use and if bought in bulk, work out so cheap and you’ll always have a spare for unexpected guests..

9. Take-away hot drinks cups →→→ Bamboo 100% recyclable cup
I bought a bamboo cup because it can be recycled/ is biodegradable.

10. Paper statements →→→ Paperless statements
I switched almost all of my accounts to paperless. Sick of receiving post from the bank that A, rarely gets opened and B is completely unnecessary in this day and age.⇒

In swapping some of these items, not only will you be doing a small deed to the environment, you will also save some pennies too! I have linked to items that I have bought from/used.

Please leave your swaps in the comments below! I’d love some further inspiration!

xWater Bottle

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