Wanderlust Series #7 City Break – Barcelona

The next in line to the Wanderlust Series, a blog thread in which I detail and advise on places I have visited, is the amazing city of Barcelona.
It’s been on my ‘to do’ list for ages now and since 2018 was the year in which I turned 30, I decided it was the perfect place to celebrate. And I was right.
Flights from the UK can be really inexpensive if you choose the right time of year to visit. We visited in early June and booked in advance so paid under £100pp for return fares.
Barcelona was super chill and by far the easiest place to get about. Easier than the London underground for sure. We purchased Hola Barcelona travel cards for €22pp before we arrived and it covers a full 72 hours worth of travel. With the exception of a taxi because we got drunk and missed of the trains back to our apartment…yolo. This card covered our travel to and from the airport by train, which is a huge bonus when you think about other cities!
Food & Drink
Being a Eurozone, unfortunately it wasn’t any cheaper than the UK. However, exploring local cuisine was fun and worth every penny.
We made full use of local recommendation and ate some really good food. If you like a particular style of restaurant or bar, I would recommend to do your research before you arrive because there are some gems hidden in the city! My boyfriend and I like the edgier side of life and we are a little rock ‘n’roll so I managed to find a place called the ‘Bollocks Bar‘ just off of the gothic quarter. This place was awesome and just the right kind of vibe we were after. I heard that they have a sister bar in town too which has a mini skate park inside..pretty cool.
My biggest disappointment was finding a nice tapas bar, we ate tapas on a street corner cafe that didn’t have much of an atmosphere and seemed to begrudge us English tourists. Any recommendations from you guys would be wonderful 🙂
We packed a fair amount in for our first trip to Barcelona. We have 72 hours to see as much as we could! We did:
-Parc Guell: A mosaic infused park in the city featuring work by Anthony Gaudi, including the famous salamander. Interesting but not so great in the rain.
– Fat Tire Bike Tour: Amazing value, absolutely recommend. It took around 3 hours and we had a comprehensive tour of the city, seeing things that would have taken a whole day had we tried to do it on our own.
– Castell de Montjuic: A cable car ride to the top of the hill, a historical walk around a wonderfully preserved castle filled with information and great views over the city.
– The beach: it’s a beach…
– Sagrada la Familia: If you choose to do this, buy your tickets in advance! And if you have the option, try to get tickets to go up in the towers. We couldn’t do that because we had bad weather but the tour inside is breathtaking and worth the entry fee.
Everything mentioned has been linked where possible. This post has not been sponsored in any way. For any more info please contact me!

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